* Denotes work done as subcontractor for NDIC
Appfolio* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Rapid site creation and deployment
Appfolio Screenshot
We have been sub-contracting with Appfolio to build many of their clients' sites. We have also been tasked with improving the pre-built templates to make the workflow faster when building and deploying new sites. Each site requires customizations and tweaks to meet the client's specifications.
Modern Arts / ShoppingBags.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Online store, migration from old site
ShoppingBags.com Screenshot #1 ShoppingBags.com Screenshot #2
Modern Arts Packaging wanted a new shopping cart with features not offered in their current solution We migrated all of the old data into X-Cart and customized the store to work according to their specifications. The challenge was in importing all of the data in a way that would present all of the product options appropriately and allow for the multiple pricing and SKUs for each product.
The Santa Barbara Company* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Online store, WordPress integration
The Santa Barbara Company Screenshot #1 The Santa Barbara Company Screenshot #2 The Santa Barbara Company Screenshot #3
The Santa Barbara Company required an online store and a robust blog platform, so we integrated WordPress into X-Cart so that they share one template. This allows for only having to manage one template, and the shoppign cart data can always display in the site's header, even when viewing blog pages.
The designs were heavily customized to match the designer's vision.
Key Concepts: online store, content management, custom shipping
Sturdybilt Screenshot #1 Sturdybilt Screenshot #2
This site is an online store (X-Cart) integrated with a content management system (Joomla). Both systems share a common template rather than having to make changes in both systems. Many features were heavily customized to meet the needs of Sturdybilt.
The biggest challenge in this project was configuring the shipping to be as accurate as possible given the constraints of the actual box sizes and packing logic. We customized much of the packing logic to minimize costs to customers and give more accurate rates than would normally be possible using default packing logic.
Los Olivos Wine Merchant* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Online store, POS integration
Los Olivos Wine Merchant
The Los Olivos Wine Merchant online store was migrated from an aging VP-ASP installation to X-Cart. We strived to maintain all of the work that had been done previously for search engine optimization while improving the user interface.
The main challenges in this project involved customizing the back end for custom product data. This involved customizing the product editor and, most importantly, automatically updating product data taken from the store's inventory system on a schedule. This was critical since there is a restaurant and retail outlet that all pull from the same limited inventory.
Trusted Pet Partners* [Open site]
Key Concepts: PDF generation, API integration
Trusted Pets
This site allows customers to fill out forms online and generate PDF trust documents to handle the care of their pets in the event of the owner becoming disabled or passing away. The main site and customer forms were developed by the client, and we were tasked with creating the payment system and generating the PDF from the form data. All data was stored in a proprietary database that could only be accessed via API calls. The PDF files are generated on the fly based on the customer's current data.
Bulldog Marketing
Key Concepts: user interface design, image manipulation, data synchronization
Bulldog Marketing
We built an online enrollment form for new clients to enter all of the information required for starting a new advertising campaign. The data is then accessed through an API and exported to their internal database.
This project utilizes AJAX with the Prototype framework for most form functionality. One interesting feature is the ability to upload a photo and allow the user to crop the photo in the browser using a specific predefined aspect ratio to match the layout of marketing materials.
Travers.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: search integration, online store
Travers.com Travers.com
The Travers.com project was a complete overhaul of their website. Utilizing the EasyAsk search indexing service we created a user interface for searching the vast product catalog. We worked closely with the Travers and EasyAsk teams to develop multiple customizations specific to Travers' business.
Wyatt.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Joomla CMS customizations, online store, site migration
Wyatt.com provides scientific hardware and software products. This project was to convert a ColdFusion site into a PHP site with Joomla as the content manager. All of the custom functionality, such as advanced customer management and shopping cart, were converted over to Joomla modules.
PanCan.org* [Open site]
Key Concepts: non-profit custom site, WordPress integration, search integration
PanCan.org PanCan.org
We worked as the developers on this project, with FatEyes as the project manager and design team. We developed most of the php code for this site and were responsible for creating the backend administrative tools, integrating third-party apps such WordPress and Sphider, and much of the JavaScript functionality. This was a rather large project due to the number of pages in the site and the numerous administrative controls that were requested.
RevereWareParts.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: X-Cart store customization, search integration, shipping customizations
RevereWareParts sells replacement parts for vintage pots and pans made by RevereWare. The online store software has been customized fairly heavily to meet the client's shipping and product return needs. Other features include a site-wide search module and search-engine friendly URLs.
CoralCasinoClub.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: Joomla CMS customizations, member-only features, site migration
This site was migrated to a Joomla back-end so the client can easily manage the content in the site on their own. The exact layout and functionality of the original site was maintained, and all member data was transferred into the new application without the members experiencing any changes.
RightScale.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: cloud server management, Ruby on Rails, user interface components
Working with a team of developers, our roles included creating custom user controls, enhancing UI elements and various programming tasks as necessary. This application uses advanced code to provide a cloud computing management interface. This site runs Ruby on Rails and utilizes the Prototype and YahooUI frameworks extensively.
AlphaTitans.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: lead generation, customer conversion
This investment firm needed a website that could aggregate as much information about a prospective lead as possible and present the data in a user-friendly administrative interface. We were able to provide Alpha Titans the data-gathering tools that they need while creating a simple and clean user experience.
CashFromCards.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: PayPal API, data security and integrity, Ruby on Rails
CashFromCards.com CashFromCards.com
This site was built from the ground up with Ruby on Rails. The site interfaces with PayPal's API and allows people to transfer money from gift cards into their PayPal accounts for a small fee. The site also implements some YahooUI elements in it's data validations.
By Olivier Bernstein* [Open site]
Key Concepts: online store, advanced allocation management, multi-language
By Olivier Bernstein
This winery uses a program similar to the Sea Smoke and Melis sites (see below), but with further customizations and refinements. They already had a static/Flash site; I added the online store. The store is available in both English and French, with different shipping options for U.S. and E.U. customers.
Sea Smoke Cellars* [Open site]
Key Concepts: online store, advanced allocation management
Sea Smoke Cellars
Sea Smoke use a sophisticated program to determine product allocation to members based on the points they have acquired. We have worked extensively with them to provide customizations and additional features to their store fronts and back end management tools such as extensive shipping customizations. The entire allocation application was migrated from an Access database to a web-based UI while vastly improving the processing speed.
Melis Priorat* [Open site]
Key Concepts: online store, advanced allocation management, multi-language
Melis Priorat
A sister company to Sea Smoke Cellars (above), this winery use a similar program to determine product allocation to members based on the points they have acquired. Many modifications have been added, such as multi-language support for European customers.
RiotRoom.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: social media, data security and privacy
RiotRoom.com RiotRoom.com
This site was built with PHP/MySQL. The site has not officially launched yet, as it is undergoing a complete layout redesign. Interesting features in this site include a debate room, a blog for each member, user-submitted articles, advanced member profiles, and a messaging system.
Perpetual Bliss [Open site]
Key Concepts: gallery management, usability
Perpetual Bliss Perpetual Bliss
Perpetual Bliss is a partner company with us. They created all of the artwork, layout, and text, while we were responsible for creating the HTML, JavaScript and other code. This site implements a JavaScript crossfade library, customized scrollbars within content pages, dynamic content loading within sections, a lightbox implementation for viewing HTML content, and a Google map.
We highly recommend Perpetual Bliss for their videography and photography services.
Renco.com* [Open site]
Key Concepts: online store, API integration, advanced product configurator
Our involvement on this site was the creation of the product detail pages and shopping cart. Using an existing shopping cart application, we heavily customized the application to integrate with 3D models that are generated on the fly using the SolidWorks API. Customers can select the specifications they need and preview the model live or download the model in multiple file formats.
PalaceClothiers.com [Open site]
Key Concepts: brochure site, budget
This site uses a PHP/MySQL environment for a simple promotional site with a limited content management system and integrated Google maps. Plans to add an online shopping cart are forthcoming.